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Powerpoint to PDF

PowerPoint was created in 1987, and since then its transformation has recognized millions and millions of users. Despite the evolution of the market where a hundred of software are being created and developed every year, yet, the value of PowerPoint has remained stable in offering to the user a rich platform for creating great well-looking presentations.

What PowerPoint is used for?

The first PowerPoint was introduced back in 1987. Created by Robert Gaskins, initially with the name "Presenter", the application would become soon part an integrative part of the Microsoft Office for a value of $14 million. Since at the beginning, PowerPoint would recognize a powerful transformation with a new release every two years. Today, the software is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and no matter its use, either at the individual, business, or professional basis, home, school, or office, this program continues to prioritize the easiness in using its rich options. 

What are the main features of PowerPoint?

A highly innovative software, PowerPoint offers different features to its users. The most important are the free built-in templates for presentations, adding shapes, slide transitions, adding animations, adding smart art, and one-click for converting PowerPoint to PDF. Each of these features comes with a lot of options for customization giving the opportunity to the user for enhancing the overall performance.

How to increase the performance of PowerPoint?

Despite its simple use, PowerPoint as the other applications of Windows Office, is a vivid platform. Hence, if producing beautiful presentations is held the preeminent feature of this program, the following tricks can help you pushing further into its profound.

1. Refresh your presentations
Apart from the free built-in templates, part of PowerPoint application, there are relevant alternative sites that offer free, beautiful, and professional designs that you can integrate quite smoothly with PowerPoint. 

2. Speed up with Zoom
Using Zoom can speed up velocity. Using this feature one can easily switch from slide 1 to slide 15, without the necessity to scroll up or down. 

3. Enrich your presentations
The "add" function permits to add video and pictures, while the "create icons" permits you to create your own icons that you can save and use for future presentations. Using these options can make small changes but can give an important significance to any slide you create with PowerPoint.

4. PowerPoint to PDF
Applying the one-click option for saving the PowerPoint to PDF can provide a highly relevant result of your effort. If you are running Linux but you are going to show your slides with a Windows system then a PDF file in this situation is the most helpful alternative.

PowerPoint stands one of the most consistent applications and its use has revolutionized the way how people display their thoughts and projects. Despite the uninterrupted innovation and technological acceleration it is for certain that this software is going to stick around for long.