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One of the most used software in the world, Excel has changed the way how people run their daily tasks and businesses. Introduced in 1982 as Multiplan, today, the Excel’s name is a synonym of the most evaluated application paired with its endless options for process automation and data crunching.

What is used for?

Though the earliest version of the spreadsheet is related to the name of Dan Bricklin, the Harvard student, who in 1978 introduced VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet, Excel, as we know it today, is the fruit of the Microsoft developers. The first Windows version would be introduced in 1982 as Multiplan, while in 1985 a more advanced version under the name of Excel 1.0 would be available to the public. This would be the start for the most required software, which today recognizes millions and millions of users. While it backs up endless companies, the core functions of Excel as data analyzing, visualization, presentation, and sharing, as other more sophisticated functions, are those that gather different categories, no matter the position and status.

What are the Excel features?

What makes Excel easy for use and functional at the same time stands on its features. The user’s ability to customize and automate, both simple and complex tasks, is the main reason Excel keeps advancing in every new version as an unbreakable software. Disclosed in more details, the features of Excel, such as, creating spreadsheets, either for personal and business reports or statistics, for investment or personal financial portfolio, data visualization or parsing, creating charts or Pivot tables, or other precious options, represent the treasure of Excel and the reason users like it. If you want to convert excel to pdf just try the tool convert to pdf.

How to increase the performance of Excel?

While according to a study, major part of the Excel users need still to learn how to create a Pivot table, the overall use of the application can improve one's experience through a few of advises. Here are two:

1. Make use of the Help option and dig into the Excel’s library
If losing time by creating some tables and including some data is enough to say that you know Excel, well, it is not. Excel comes with a handy option for answering to any question for help. Hence, if you want to advance with more well-presented data, then dig into the Excel's library and make use of its endless information.

2. Get enrolled in Excel courses
There are endless free courses for going into the deep of Excel. If you think the time to discover the beauty of Excel has come, then be the teacher of yourself by learning it. Excel remains a powerful tool. The concepts Excel has delivered to the world are enough to keep it in the highest position among its competitors. If this software has passed the test of time, there is no room for discussion for the extent it has improved our lives.